Sensory Support Service

Welcome to the Sensory Support Service

This provision is staffed by Teachers of the Deaf and Teaching Assistants. They are experienced in working with children who wear hearing aids and require specialist teaching/support to address the language development and learning issues associated with hearing loss.

The staff are deployed to ensure maximum access to the National Curriculum for the deaf children. Support is given to the families of the deaf children and to the mainstream staff who teach them. Close links are maintained with hearing aid providers and professionals from other disciplines e.g Health, Cochlear Implant Centre, Manchester City Council Educational and Advisory Services, including Sensory Service.

There are currently 15 hearing aid wearers in St. Andrew’s, whose losses range from mild through to moderate, severe and profound. All deaf children are on the mainstream roll and receive additional support according to their identified needs.

This support, agreed and planned as a result of close working relationships with class teachers, can be delivered in-class or in a withdrawal setting in the accommodation allocated to the Resource Base. 

Teachers of the Deaf:

  • Ms K. Dunkley
  • Mrs G. Brown
  • Mrs M. Jackson

Teaching Assistants:

  • Mrs G. Webb
  • Mr. J. Perryman
  • Ms C. Leonard
  • Mrs B. Haase


These are working really well in all rooms at St Andrew's and helping all the children in school hear the teacher and one another more clearly. The hall system is used throughout the day for PE, Dance, Drama and singing sessions. Parents will have noticed the improved listening conditions in assemblies. The children's voices are much clearer due to their excellent use of handheld or fixed microphones. Some Year 6 children are becoming proficient in maintaining batteries and in using the system. New 'monitors' are trained each half term. Mrs Phillips is no longer with us full time but comes in each week, so is able to keep us up to date with Soundfield issues.

Language Role Play Area

This is a new space in our Listening Room. Every half term we will create an environment that targets specific Language. This area provides opportunities for pupils to encounter, learn, practise and develop their understanding of new and acquired language within a safe, structured space. Please see our sensory support service news page for details of this terms role play area and how you can help.