St Andrew's C of E Primary School

Ethos Council


The St. Andrew's Ethos Council are a team of pupils who are proud to be responsible for helping with all aspects and ideas of worship and beliefs in our school. The Ethos Council are chosen on a yearly basis and attend weekly meetings with Mrs Mudd. At the start of the academic year, children who would like to be members of the Ethos Council put their names forward and compose a short letter explaining why they would like to join.

The Ethos Council aims to promote our school values, enhance children’s education and develop links within the community. The children meet once every week to take part in various projects.

Our school is multi-cultural; our school family is made up of children from many different faiths. We all share the same values and we are determined to uphold these values in our school. The Ethos Council meet in order to discuss aspects of our school’s commitment to our Christian ethos, to work on the value for that term and decide on the activities that they would like to do. Members of the Ethos Council write prayers which are then shared in our collective worship.