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Keeping Your Child Safe Online

The internet is integral to the lives of children. It opens up new opportunities and is now an essential part of their every day world whether they are using it for homework, to talk and share materials with their friends or for a multitude of other uses that are legitimate and beneficial in so many ways. It also has many dangers of which your children may not be fully aware.


Online Safety Policy

Online Safety Hub - Manchester Safeguarding Partnership

The Online Safety Hub for Parents is now live! Struggling to keep up with what’s going on in your child’s online world? The Online Safety Hub is here to help, with lots of useful guidance on the latest online apps, trends, or risks you need to be aware of. Head to the Online Safety Hub here:
Manchester Safegurding Partnership - Online Safety Hub

For additional Online Safety information for Parents, visit or any of the other links on this page

You can register for monthly email updates that will provide you with information on new and emerging technologies and tips on how to keep your family safe whilst online.

In the modern, technical and online world, it can be very daunting for parents. How do you know what is best when it comes to your children and technology? Even games consoles can connect to the internet these days. How do you know who your child is chatting to?

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and inspire a national conversation. At St. Andrew's we ensure that children are aware of events like this but also ensure that online safety skills are developed and regularly revisited through our Computing and PSHE curriculum.


  • Monitor your children's activity online, be this through game consoles, computers or phones.
  • Check chat messages and keep and eye on the content they are watching.
  • Encourage open dialogue about what happens online, it is not uncommon for children to not share concerns through fear of losing access to their device.
  • Check age appropriateness of apps and games / videos being played / watched
  • Check privacy settings
  • Limit screen time

There are a number of links below to support you in keeping your children safe online:

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