Welcome to the Nursery

Mrs A. Williams is our Nursery Teacher.

 Mrs Shortt - Teaching Assistant


We are a 26 place Nursery.  The places are part-time and children attend all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. 

The children meet in family groups for the carpet sessions which include Literacy, Numeracy, Sounds and Letters, Music, Dance and Circle Time.

P.E. and Outdoors

The children participate in a weekly dance session in the dance studio. At this stage the children need to learn how to fasten their shoes.

We regard the outdoor area to be an extension of the classroom; please dress appropriately for the weather.


We occasionally take the children for visits around the local area including the Library, Post Office and Park. We always welcome lots of helpers.

Home-School Book

Children are encouraged to choose a library book each week and return it the following week. Each child will have a Home-School book in which they can draw a picture about the book they have shared.

Nursery Newsletter Autumn 2

Espresso Phonics

Hungry Little Minds - Simple, fun activities for kids

Remote Learning

Lessons for week beginning 22/02/21

Hi Nursery children, hope you are enjoying the activities!
Phonics-  Why don't you try and find toys, items etc around your house starting with the sounds, 's' and 'a'.
Science -Invisible ink. You could have fun writing your name or the letters 's' or 'a'   Link at the end .
Numberjacks  3.  Watch Numberjacks and find number 3 or 3 things around your house.
Dough Disco this week is 'The Wheels on The Bus'.
Did you have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, 16th February? Here is a pancake song you can listen to and enjoy singing.
Our Story this week is, 'The Enormous Pancake':