St Andrew's C of E Primary School



At St. Andrew’s we recognise the importance of Science in all aspects of everyday life. Science teaching at our school aims to give all children a sound understanding of the world around them whilst acquiring skills and knowledge to allow them to think scientifically, gain understanding of scientific processes and understand the uses and implications of Science in our own lives.

Our Science curriculum aims to encourage children to develop a curiosity about the world around them and become independent learners when exploring possible answers for their scientific based questions. Our Science teaching offers opportunities for children to; develop scientific knowledge through Biology, Chemistry and Physics; become equipped with the scientific vocabulary used when describing scientific processes; and develop a range of key skills through observations, planning and investigations.



Teachers create a positive attitude to learning within their classrooms and reinforce high expectations in Science. Our whole school approach to the teaching and learning of Science involves the following;

  • In every class, Science is taught weekly.
  • Years 1 – 6 carry out an ‘End of Unit Quiz’ which assesses based on the teaching during that unit of work.
  • Working scientifically skills are embedded into lessons to ensure they are being developed throughout the children’s school career. New vocabulary and concepts are introduced through direct teaching. This is all in line with the topics being covered.
  • Teachers demonstrate and children are given the opportunity to use scientific equipment to embed the working scientific skills that are being taught.
  • Teachers all follow science topic-based unit plans to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum objectives for Science. The unit plans have been devised to ensure progression through the different strands and gives children the chance to recap their knowledge from previous year groups.



The successful approach at St. Andrew’s results in a fun, engaging and high-quality Science education that provides children with fundamentals for understanding the world. Our Science curriculum is well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. Throughout their school life children will be able to question ideas and reflect on outcomes; work collaboratively and practically to investigate and carry out experiments; will be able to explain the process they have used and be able to reason scientifically. Teachers use a range of sources to assess children’s attainment in Science.

Science Unit Overview