Summer Term Awards Assembly

Friday 19th July was the last day of the school year. We held a special assembly to celebrate the fantastic progress that has been made and to say goodbye to the children and staff leaving St. Andrew's. It has once again been a busy but very successful year!

In each class, awards were given for great progress in Reading, Writing, and Maths. There was also an award for behaviour as well as two 'Stars of the Year'. Gold, Silver and Bronze stars were awarded for attendance in the Summer term as well as a special badge for children with 100% attendance for the whole year. The line of children receiving them stretched all of the way around the hall! Greenbank were this year's House Champions and special awards were given to the Year 6 children who have particitpated in our choir and played instruments during the year.


There was a great atmosphere in the hall; everyone is ready for a well-earned break!

Well done to everyone for your fantastic hard work during the year. Here are photos of the certificate winners.

Reading Awards

Writing Awards

Maths Awards

Fantastic Behaviour

Stars of the Year