St Andrew's C of E Primary School

The Governing Body

Ethos statement

At St. Andrew's C.E. Primary School we place a high priority on maintaining the well-being of all employees. We see this as an important part of our school Christian values.

Our commitments

1. The Governors and the SLT are committed to fostering a culture of cooperation, trust and mutual respect, where all individuals are treated with dignity, and can work at their optimum level.

2. Decisions made by the SLT and Governors will endeavour to have staff well-being included in the decision-making process.

3. We will promote effective communication and ensure that there are procedures in place for consulting and supporting employees on changes in the organisation, to management structures and working arrangements.

4. An open door policy exists with the head teacher to discuss well-being issues of a personal nature.

5. Staff surveys will be used to gather feedback on well-being.

The Governing body consists of:

  • Two parent governors
  • One governor appointed by the local authority
  • One staff governor
  • Six foundation governors
  • One governor appointed by the Manchester diocese
  • One head teacher

A Chair and Deputy Chair are elected annually from this group of governors. Governors are responsible for:

  • ensuring that the school is running well;
  • ensuring that the school's budget is spent efficiently;
  • appointing the people that work in the school;
  • ensuring that the National Curriculum is being taught;
  • helping to draft school policies;
  • monitoring standards and setting targets.

The governing body meets regularly each term. Governors' sub-committees for resource management (finance, staffing, premises) and curriculum also meet each term. The Chair of Governors is Mrs Chantelle Kay-Boom.

List of Governors at St. Andrew's C.E. Primary School

First Name



 Voting   Powers



Chantelle  Kay-Boom Parent Yes 01/01/2022 01/01/2026
Louise Cliff Staff Yes 21/02/2019 21/02/2027
Joan Hassall HT Yes N/A N/A
Joshua Reid Foundation Yes 30/11/2021 30/11/2025
Greg Sammons Foundation Yes 01/01/2021 01/01/2025
Margaret McDonald Diocesan Yes 01/09/2018 27/09/2026
George Reeves Foundation Yes N/A


Hannie Kirkham LA Yes 01/08/2016


Adele  Steele Associate No 31/01/2020


Helen Rimmer Foundation Yes 01/11/2022


Andrew Butler Foundation Yes 11/11/2023



There are also two sub-committees of the governing body, as follows:

1. The Resource Management Committee

 Joan Hassall,  Hannie Kirkham, Louise Cliff, George Reeves, Greg Sammons, Joshua Reid, Chantelle Kay-Boom

 2. The Curriculum Committee

Louise Cliff, Joan Hassall, Adele Steele, Margaret McDonald, Chantelle Kay-Boom, Helen Rimmer 


Governor Attendance 2022/23

Full Governors Meetings







H. Rimmer  Present Present Absent 2/3
C. Kay-Boom Present Present Present Apologies 3/4
J. Reid Present Apologies Absent Absent 1/4
L. Cliff Present Present Present Present 4/4
J. Hassall Present Present Present Present 4/4
M. Coghlan Present Present Present 3/3
H. Kirkham Apologies Present Present Apologies 2/4
M. McDonald Present Apologies Present Present 3/4
G. Reeves Present Present Present Present 4/4
G. Sammons Present Apologies Present Present 3/4
A. Steele Present Present Present Present 4/4


Resources Management Committee






J. Reid Apologies Present Apologies 1/3
L. Cliff Present Present Present 3/3
J. Hassall Present Present Present 3/3
H. Kirkham Present      Present Apologies 3/3
G. Reeves Present Present Present 2/3
G. Sammons Present Present Present 3/3
H, Rimmer Present Present 2/2


Curriculum Committee





C. Kay-Boom Present Present 2/2
L. Cliff Present Present 2/2
J. Hassall Present Present 2/2
M. Coghlan Present 1/2
M. McDonald Present Present 2/2
A. Steele Apologies Present 1/2